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Communities 4 Children

Communities 4 Children (C4C) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Georgia’s children and families. Founded on the belief that all children deserve to have a sense of dignity, experience the simple pleasures of life, and have access to opportunities for success, C4C aims to deliver these experiences to Georgia’s most vulnerable children - particularly those living in shelters, foster care, and in reduced economic circumstances. 
Every year, C4C conducts campaigns for donations of time, needed items, and financial support to benefit Georgia’s children in need. These campaigns are only possible thanks to the support of our community. These partnerships allow us to fulfill and expand our mission to promote growth and achievements of youth in foster care. 

Communities 4 Children also provides professional support on a non-profit basis for programs serving children in need and their families, including consulting, program management, professional development, and technology solutions, capitalizing on the experience of Care Solutions, Inc., a private management consulting firm affiliated with Communities 4 Children.

We hope you will work with us on future endeavors!

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